Written by Heidi.


       Bounce - always a pleasure-May 2010

bounce close up may 2010 a




  'Madame' Sushi - a lady with woop tang!!!! - May 2010

madam sushi a 





 Minna on vacation (May 2010)                                                 

minna close up may 2010 a


May 2010- Mr. Daisy - a cool cat!

mr daisy may 2010 a                                                                                                                                                                                                         Chicky on holiday - May 2010

chicky may 2010a  

                     Peeka boo - Tully- May 2010

                                     tully may 2010 001a

tinzin may 2010 004a

   Cummon Tinzin.......give us a cuddle......                                            

                                                                    Umpf.......enough already!!!

tinzin may 2010  003a                                                                        



  Candy Sparkle - Wazzup!!!     (July 2010) 

july 2010 candy sparkle scanlan 1005


MMMMM, nice day - Marbles (July 2010)

july 2010 marbles sheriff 007






  Where's that mouse.............. Milo (July 2010) 

july 2010 milo rickards 1003 

Hi Mum, I've settled in, hope you're enjoying your holiday, love Molly

 july 2010 molly buntine1 006

Rameses........yes I live up to my name!!! and I'm cute!!  (July 2010) 

 july 2010 rameses straffon  1002









Missy B 'Muffett' -........

"See I'm good at this, now we're best friends!"


aug 2010 missy b muffett1

Schnipfel enjoying the sunshine                                     

aug 2010 schnipfel 20101











 Whinnie and Will.....Just catching up!!!

sept 2010 whinnie bosse

                                                A bed time story and a tuck- in for Jingee

sept 2010 jingee bosse













                                                                               Miss Chloe

I am soooo lovable, my name is Cat. "I made you a cookie but I eated it!"
                        Danny Boy
                                                                                                             Matilda Nesting
                                                              Pete "Oi you missed a spot!"

Mintie "umm yes, can I do something for you?"
Puss "I'm a happy lil camper!"
               Cuz Will and Madame Sushi

                                               Telulah....."another day for me in paradise!"